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Matches 1 to 50 of 2052

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1 Shows up at birth record grandson Joze Raposo, born Dec 19 1841 Agostina de Jesus
2 Godmother of Maria de Silva, born Dec. 24 1835 Anna de Jesus
3 Has name Maria at birth granddaughter Maria, born nov 25 1855 Anna de Jesus "Maria"
4 Shows up in birth record Manuel Raposo born sept 9 1851 (daughter Anna Emilia) Anna do Carmo
5 Godmother of Salvador son of Manuel Raposo and Antonia de Jesus born July 26 1851 Anna Francisca de Jesus
6 Show up as grandma of Victoria Correa, born Nov 14 1841 Antonia Francisca
7 Shows up at baptism grandkid Maria ,born march 16 1842 (son Manuel) Antonia Maria
8 Death Record shows Barbara Jacintha Barbara Francisca
9 Shows up as grandma of Maria born sept 12 1845 from Joao and Jose born april 2 1855. Barbara Jacintha "Eugenia"
10 Shows up as grandma of Joao Ferreira, born jan 6 1846 Francisca da Conceicao
11 shows up at baptism record grandson Luis, born april 18 1849.
Could be just another name for wife Francisca 
Francisca da Trindade
12 Shows up as grandmother at baptism Antonio, born april 17 1844 (son of Francisca) Francisca de Jesus
13 Also written as Genovera (birth record of Antonio febr 29 1836) Genosepa de Santa Barbara "jenoviva"
14 Shows up at baptism grandson Francisco, born june 15 1838 Hortensia de Jesus
15 Shows up as wife in birth record Manuel Ferreira sept 4 1842, (grandson) son of Anna Francisca. Jacintha Rosa
16 Godfather, Joao Gaspar da Silva.
Grandparents on fathers side unknown and father not mentioned either. 
17 Shows up in birth record of Duarte Da Silva, born july 20 1837, son of Manuel Joze da Silva
Also in birth records of grandchildren after that. 
Margarida de Jesus
18 Show up as wife at baptism Antonio Raposo, born june 10 1841 Shows up as wife at Baptism Anna Raposo, born febr 22 1841 Maria Clara de Encarnacao
19 Shows up in baptism record of Maria Raposo (grandkid) born august 30 1851 (son Jose) Maria da Conceicao
20 Shows up at baptism Victoria, born oct 5 1846, kid of Francisca Maria de Jesus
21 Shows up at baptism record granddaughter Filomena dos Santos, born april 25 1848 Maybe this is just another change of the name of a person. Maria Francisca
22 Sjow up at baptism grandson Joao (from Joao) in march 1853 Maria Jacintha
23 Shows up in baptism grandson Joao de MEdeiros, born oct 15 1848.
Could also be another way of spelling the name. 
Maria Joaquina
24 Name also spelledas Narasa Narcisa Rosa
25 Godmother of Alexandrina de Sousa, born sept. 12 1837 Godmother of Antonia de Sousa, born jan. 5 1840 Perpetua Jacintha Rosa
26 Also called "Umbelina Rosa" at baptism grandchild Maria Pavao march 18 1839) Umbelina Francisca de Jesus
27 Have been dated first at bef. 1817, since they where godparents of person born in 1837. Victoria de Jesus
28 Previous record of name Victoria Hilaria was probably wrong (helena) Victoria Helena de Jesus
29 Shows up as mother grandma of Joze Raposo, born june 5 1837.
Shows up as mother grandma of Francisco Raposo, born aug 28 1838.
Husband may have remarried, since all the other family relations match except Wife's name. 
Victoria Maria de Jesus
30 Godfather of Manuel Raposo, born febr 2 1845 Aguiar, de Miguel
31 Widower of Maria de Jesus Almeida da Manuel
32 Godfather Francisco Rodrigues and Francisca de Jesus Kids of Manuel Rodrigues Almeida de Manuel
33 Godfather Francisco d'Almeida (married) Almeida de Mequelina
34 Godmother of Maria Raposo born nov 12 1849 Almeida, de Anna
35 Godfather, Antonio de Medeiros, son of grandpa Almeida, de Antonia
36 Godfather, Antonio Raposo son of grandpa Almeida, de Antonio
37 Godfather, Joze de Medeiros Carvalho Almeida, de Antonio
38 Godfather, Francisco Rodrigues & francisca de Jesus kids of Manuel Rodrigues (rin 4235). Almeida, de Francisco
39 Godfather Manuel Raposo (single) Almeida, de Joao
40 Godfather of Maria de Medeiros, born october 23 1835 Almeida, de Joao
41 Godfather, Joao de Medeiros born august 18 1856 Almeida, de Joao
42 Baptized at home, received last sacrament on July 30 1859 Almeida, de Jose
43 Baptized at home, received last sacrament on sept 28 1856 Almeida, de Manuel
44 Godfather of Manuel de Couto, born sept 29 1837 Almeida, de Manuel
45 Godfather, Eusebio Francisco Gomes & wife Antonia de Jesus Almeida, de Manuel
46 Godfather, Manuel de Almeida & Theresa de Jesus, kids of grandpa Almeida, de Manuel
47 Godfather, Maria Raposo born nov 12 1849 Almeida, de Manuel
48 Godfather of Joao Rodrigues, born june 25 1849 Almeida, de Manuel "Botelho"
49 Godfather Manuel de Sousa Almeida, de Maria
50 Godfather, Antonio de Almeida, son of grandpa Almeida, de Maria

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